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Board Elections

​The eligible voters of the State Police Retirement System (SPRS) have elected Mr. Keith Peercy to the Kentucky Retirement Systems Board of Trustees. Mr. Peercy will serve a four-year term, beginning on April 1, 2023. This will be Mr. Peercy's third term as a member of the Board.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 61.645 and 78.782 provide that Trustees shall be elected by the eligible members of County Employees Retirement System (CERS), Kentucky Employees Retirement System (KERS), or SPRS for a four-year term. Trustee elections will be held as follows:

  1. CERS will elect three Trustees in early 2025 for the term beginning April 1, 2025.
  2. KERS will elect two Trustees in early 2026 for the term beginning April 1, 2026.
  3. SPRS will elect one Trustee in early 2027 for the term beginning April 1, 2027.

Bo​th the CERS and Kentucky Retirement Systems Boards of Trustees will be offering online voting during the upcoming elections. To cast your vote online, you need a valid email address for your Kentucky Public Pensions Authority account. If you have an account, log in to Self Service with your current username and password. Once you log in, please review your contact information, and make sure we have your current email address. If you have not yet registered your account online, you can register through Self Service. You will be given the opportunity to provide an email address at the time of registration.​​

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