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Sick Leave Credit

​Standard sick leave plan

Members in Tier Two can receive up to 12 months of sick leave to use in the retirement calculation. All KERS and SPRS members are in the Standard sick leave program. In the Standard plan, members do not receive any monetary payment for sick leave reported to KPPA at the time of retirement. Sick leave cannot be used to determine retirement eligibility.

An agency participating in CERS and the Standard plan may purchase service credit for up to six (6) months of unused sick leave. Depending on that agency's sick leave policy, a CERS agency can pay for additional sick leave in excess of six months, up to a maximum of 12. Agencies may pay either the entire cost of sick leave or the cost of sick leave in excess of six months can be split with you; a cost is calculated upon request at the time of retirement. Additionally, some CERS agencies pay a percentage of sick leave balances to you, and the remaining balance is reported to KPPA as service.

Alternate unused leave

If your agency participates in the alternate sick leave program, you are compensated for as many accumulated, unused sick leave days as your agency’s sick leave policy provides. Payment for unused sick leave days at the time of your retirement is then incorporated into your final compensation. The number of sick leave days for which you are compensated is divided by 21 and rounded to the nearest number of whole months. This number of months is added to your total service credit. Sick leave cannot be used to determine retirement eligibility.

If you are a member employed with a CERS agency, contact your HR representative or contact KPPA to determine if your agency participates in a sick leave plan.

Sick Leave Table

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