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After Retirement

​​If all required forms have been completed properly and returned by the end of the month prior to your retirement date, the first retirement payment will be deposited or mailed on the 14th of the first month of retirement.

Subsequent monthly benefits will be deposited to the retired member's account on the 14th of each month or the last business day preceding the 14th.

If the member elects to receive a lump sum or actuarial refund, the checks will not be issued until additional information is reported by the employer. Lump sum and actuarial payment refunds cannot be direct deposited and will be mailed. Generally, these payment options are issued 45 days from the effective retirement date if all required information has been received.

Retiree Self Service

After retirement, members can access their retirement account online through Retiree Self Service. You will use the same User ID and Password you created for Member Self Service, or register to access your online account. Read more on our Retiree Self Service page.

Taxes and Your Responsibilities

Learn more about federal and state taxes, direct deposit and your responsibilities as a retiree by visiting our Taxes and Your Responsibilities page.

Post Retirement Audit

  • Performed once all wages, contributions, and sick leave balances are reported to KPPA and the date of termination has been verified.

  • Benefit payments may be adjusted (up or down) to reflect higher or lower actual earnings retroactive to the retirement date.

  • Retirement benefits will not be adjusted unless the adjustment results in a difference of at least $2.00 in the monthly payment.

KPPA is statutorily required to correct all errors in records without exception. If an error is discovered after the post-retirement audit, it will be corrected.

Health Insurance

If you failed to complete the insurance application at the time you retired or began receiving benefits as a beneficiary, you will have the opportunity each year to enroll in health insurance coverage. You will be notified each year of the period during which you may make the election for health insurance coverage. Read the open enrollment information carefully because companies, types and amounts of coverage, and other requirements, change frequently.

Learn more about your Under 65 Health Insurance Benefits

Learn more about your Over 65 Health Insurance Benefits

Learn more about Qualifying Events

Reemployment after Retirement

Returning to work after retirement is not uncommon. Stay up-to-date on legislation that may impact reemployment laws by visiting Reemployment after Retirement on the KPPA website.

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