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 Tier 1Tier 1
Before September 1, 2008
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Between September 1, 2008 and January 1, 2014
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After January 1, 2014
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Retirement Counseling Appointments

Our offices are open to serve our membership with a variety of counseling options. Virtual, phone, and in-office appointments are available with priority given to members who meet these criteria:

  • Members who have filed a valid Form 6000, Notification of Retirement
  • Members who  are within two years of retirement eligibility
  • Members who have submitted valid verification and are eligible to purchase service credit.
  • Members who have previously signed into Member Self Service and calculated an unofficial service purchase cost and/or benefit estimate online

Members are strongly encouraged to register for Member Self Service prior to scheduling an appointment. Members can also apply for retirement online using Member Self Service. Read more about Member Self Service

Members can access their retirement accounts online at or call 1-800-928-4646. Documents can be submitted to our office by using the upload feature in Self Service, by mail or by fax at 502-696-8822.

​ Participation Date

Participation date is when a member began paying contributions and earning service credit with a state-administered retirement system. This date may be different from the hire date. A member's participation date can change the level of benefits to which they are entitled, health insurance eligibility, and their eligibility to purchase service. 

Some employees are hired into positions which are classified as non-participating by KPPA. If you are employed in a non-participating position, you are not eligible to pay into KPPA and you do not earn service credit. A common example of this is a probationary period. CERS agencies may use a probationary period for new hires. Let’s assume you go to work for an agency with a 6 month probationary period. You will not be eligible to participate with KPPA until you have served your 6 months. In this example your participation date with KPPA will be 6 months from your hire date. You can easily find your participation date on our Self Service site.

Request a Personal Identification Number (PIN)

If you have lost or never received a Personal Identification Number (PIN) please contact our office at 502-696-8800 or 1-800-928-4646 and it will be mailed to the address on record with KPPA. Please note that this option will cause a delay for the member in accessing the needed information while they wait for the PIN to arrive. 

To speed up the process, members and beneficiaries who have a valid email address on file with KPPA can also request a new PIN to be sent to them via encrypted email, so they will receive the PIN the same day. A member or beneficiary may request a PIN via encrypted email in Step 2 of the registration process for the self-service portal, in the Contact Information module within the self service portal, or by contacting KPPA toll free at 1-800-928-4646. To request a new PIN through the Self Service portal, click here to get started:



KPPA livestreams Board and Committee Meetings on our Facebook page. We invite you to join us for future meetings by going to the KPPA Facebook page on the date and time of the meeting. You can also watch videos of prior meetings. Click here to view the meeting schedule.

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