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Disability Benefits

KPPA has contracted with Managed Medical Review Organization, Inc. (MMRO)for administration of disability retirement claims. MMRO may reach out to members regarding their application for disability retirement and members who are disability retirement recipients.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are receiving disability retirement benefits from Kentucky Public
Pensions Authority:

​Disability Benefits - Maximum Payment

If a person receiving disability retirement benefits from KPPA applies for Social Security disability and/or Workers’ Compensation, the disability benefits from KPPA may be reduced if the combined income from KPPA, Social Security, and Workers’ Compensation exceeds 100% of the member’s final rate of pay or final compensation, whichever is greater. If you have been awarded Social Security disability or received a Workers' Compensation settlement, you should submit to KPPA a copy of the original award letter from Social Security or the Workers' Compensation settlement signed by the Administrative Law Judge.

Reemployment After Retirement

A person receiving disability retirement benefits who contemplates reemployment must provide KPPA with a detailed job description of the intended position, which must be completed by the employer. The medical examiners will review the position description to determine if the person may accept the new position and return to work and remain eligible to continue receipt of disability benefits. If a person receiving disability benefits fails to disclose to KPPA any employment after retirement, KPPA may recover benefits paid to, or on behalf of, the person during the period of employment. Individuals receiving disability retirement benefits are also subject to the provisions of employment after retirement discussed in the reemployment after retirement  section.

Periodic Review

Prior to the normal retirement date, KPPA is required to perform periodic employment and medical reviews of members receiving disability retirement allowances. KPPA may conduct these reviews annually, or less frequently as determined by the Board’s medical examiner, but not less than once every five years. As part of the review, the member is required to submit updated medical and employment records and a Form 8101, Employment and Medical Staff Review Certification. Medical records should include all information regarding the bodily injury, mental illness, or disease for which the member is receiving a disability allowance since the member was approved for disability or since the last employment and medical review was conducted.

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