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What does Paperless mean?

If you have a valid ​email address with KPPA, you will default to paperless communications on
​May 1, 2024, unless you opt out.​

How does Paperless Work?

Choose Your Communications Preference

  1. Log in to Self Service at
    You may be prompted to verify your contact information upon login, or you can go to the Account menu and select Contact Information
  2. ​Submit a Form 2040 - Change of Contact Information​ to our office. Forms may be:
    - Uploaded in Self Service
    - Mailed to KPPA at 1260 Louisville Road, Frankfort, KY 40601
    - Faxed to KPPA at 502-696-8822
  3. Call our office at 1-800-928-4646 with your KPPA-issued Personal Identification Number (PIN). Please take advantage of our call back assist feature if there is a wait time. This reserves your place in line without staying on hold.

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