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The School Board team supports all county and independent school boards.

New Reporting Official Information

Employer Checklist for New Reporting Official set up

Employer Administrator - The ESS user in this role has the ability in Employer Self Service to set up a new Reporting Official for the agency, and to de​activate the prior Reporting Official, if necessary. Review the quick guides below for assistance.

Add ESS User - quick guide
Inactivate ESS User - quick guide

Reporting Official - The employer representative in this role is the first point of contact with KPPA, so it is a very important position within your agency. To make this role a little easier, ERCE is providing you with the following training guide and short videos to help you be successful.

New Reporting Official - quick guide
New Reporting Official General Information - training video
Monthly Reporting Process - training video
Monthly Reporting Compliance - training video
EoY Reporting - training video
Retired Reemployed - training video

​End of Year Reports

KPPA uses information from the End of Year File the agency creates in MUNIS to average and determine service credit for school board employees. On June 26, templates were generated to receive your agencies' End of Year files.

For the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year, End of Year files were due no later than Thursday, July 20. Submitting your report late will result in a penalty being assessed.

Following the submission of the MUNIS End of Year file, KPPA may generate the EOY Error Report, the School Board Exception Report, the Multiple Enrollment Report, or the Nonparticipating Employee Report requesting more information on your classified employees. You could find one or more of these reports in your August monthly report packet issued August 26. The information on these reports is extremely important for the classified employees listed on them, so KPPA requests the employer review, complete, and submit those forms back to ERCE no later than November 15​.

Paraprofessional Reporting

Beginning July 1, 2023, paraprofessionals are required to be on the monthly report using the position status "11 – Paraprofessional" and payment reason "14 – Paraprofessional".  Please be sure to have these changes in place before submitting your July 2023 report which is due by August 10. Read more

Training Videos

Please visit the Training Videos page for employers for information on invoices, hazardous petitions, Section H completion, pension spiking, and much more.

Contact ERCE School Board Branch

School Board Team Manager

Email the School Board Team Manager

Call: 502-696-8574 ​

School Board Team Branch

Email the Entire School Board Team

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