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The School Board team supports all county and independent school boards.

New Reporting Official Information

Employer Checklist for New Reporting Official set up

Employer Administrator - The ESS user in this role has the ability in Employer Self Service to set up a new Reporting Official for the agency, and to de​activate the prior Reporting Official, if necessary. Review the quick guides below for assistance.

Add ESS User - quick guide
Inactivate ESS User - quick guide

Reporting Official - The employer representative in this role is the first point of contact with KPPA, so it is a very important position within your agency. To make this role a little easier, ERCE is providing you with the following training guide and short videos to help you be successful.

New Reporting Official - quick guide
New Reporting Official General Information - training video
Monthly Reporting Process - training video
Monthly Reporting Compliance - training video
EoY Reporting - training video
Retired Reemployed - training video

​End of Year Reports

On June 25, 2024, templates will generate in Employer Self Service to allow you to submit your agency's End of Year Reporting file. KPPA uses this information to average and determine service credit for school board employees. Please reference the Employer Reporting Manual, Chapter 6: School Boards for further instructions on generating your end of year report. You may also find the MUNIS Guide to KYCERS/START End of Year Reporting helpful.

For the 2023-2024 Fiscal Year, End of Year files are due no later than Monday, July 22, 2024. Submitting your report late will result in a penalty being assessed.

Following the submission of the End of Year Report file, KPPA may generate up to four additional reports to gather more information on your classified employees: the School Board EOY Error Report, the School Board Exception Report, the Multiple Enrollment Report, or the School Board Non-Participating Employees Report. You could find one or more of these reports in your August monthly reporting packet to be issued August 26, 2024. The information on these reports is extremely important for the classified employees listed on them to receive accurate service credit, so KPPA requests that the employer review, complete, and return these forms via the Employer Self Service document upload function no later than November 15, 2024.​

Verification of Payment Outside of Regular Wages

An employer who is going to pay a bonus, severance pay, or another other type of payment outside of regular wages must submit a completed Form 7250, Verification of Payments Outside Regular Wages.

For KPPA reporting purposes, a payment outside of regular wages encompasses any payment made to a member that is not on the employer's regular salary schedule and at the discretion of the employer. For severance payments, employers must submit a copy of the severance agreement to KPPA for our legal team to review and make a determination on how the severance payment should be reported. Lump sum bonuses, severance payments, and employer-provided payments for service credit purchases must be reported separately from regular wages on the monthly detail report. If these types of payments exceed $1,000 for the fiscal year, then the combined payments will be averaged over the employee's total service with the system in which they are reported. These types of payments should not be reported as regular pay or regular pay with additional creditable compensation.

Upon review of the completed Form 7250, KPPA will send a correspondence advising the employer how to properly report the payment. Once a specific payment has been determined by KPPA, the agency will not need to submit another Form 7250 for that same type of payment. For example, if a determination has been made that an Incentive Payment is considered a bonus in calendar year 2022, the agency will not need to submit a Form 7250 for that same type of payment in 2023. However, if it is a different type of payment outside of regular wages, another Form 7250 would need to be submitted.​​

Training Videos

Please visit the Training Videos page for employers for information on invoices, hazardous petitions, Section H completion, pension spiking, and much more.

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