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Secure Email Portal

KPPA uses a secure email solution that protects confidential information exchanged between KPPA and participating agencies. The Secure Email Portal User Manual outlines how to access and use the portal. You can also watch a short video to learn more. KPPA Guide to the Secure Email Portal

Employer Self Service

Employer Self Service is used to submit monthly reports, register for employer seminars, update agency information, and many other functions. These short videos can help you use the different features of Employer Self Service. 

Initial set-up of Employer Self Service

Update a Password

Update PIN

Update a Security Question

Add a Contact Person

Edit a Contact Person

Delete a Contact Person

Add an Agency Address

Edit an Agency Address

Delete an Agency Address

Find an Employee Contribution Group (Download Member ID)

2018 Reporting Official Training

In 2018, Reporting Official training was offered for our File and Web employers and School Board employers. These training videos do not cover the reporting process for KHRIS employers reported by the Personnel Cabinet.

Employer Self Service Overview

Monthly Reporting: File Reporters – Upload Detail File

Monthly Reporting: Web Reporters – Enter Report Detail

Monthly Reporting: Compliance

2019 Reporting Official Training

In 2019, Reporting Official training was offered to our KHRIS employers, File and Web employers, and School Board employers. The following videos are a condensed version of the training provided during the 2019 Reporting Official Training Conference.

KHRIS employers training:

(employers with five digit employer codes with KPPA)

2019 KHRIS - Employer Self Service Overview

2019 KHRIS - Monthly Report Overview

File and Web employers training:

(CERS & quasi-State employers with four digit employer codes)

2019 Reporting Official Conference: File/Web employers

School Board employers training:

2019 Reporting Official Conference: School Board employers

Pension Spiking

There are two types of pension spiking: Employer Pension Spiking affects employees who retired from January 1, 2014 to June 1, 2017; while Member Pension Spiking affects employees with a retirement date of January 1, 2018 and later. 

Employer Pension Spiking

Member Pension Spiking


KPPA uses invoices to issue credits or debits to participating agencies. It is important for each agency to process invoices in a timely manner. The first video Viewing and Paying Invoices provides a general overview while the remaining videos discuss specific invoice types that you may receive.

Viewing and Paying Invoices

Monthly Reporting

Personnel Adjustment


Employer Free Military and Decompression Service Invoice

Employer Pension Spiking Invoice

Expense Allowance Invoice

Health Insurance Reimbursement Invoice

Member Pension Spiking Refund Invoice

Employer Omitted Invoice

Standard Sick Leave Invoice

Hazardous Duty Petition Process

Hazardous duty is defined in Kentucky Revised Statute 61.592. Any agency with a position that meets the definition can petition the appropriate System Board for hazardous duty coverage. To learn more about how to file a petition, watch the video for the system the agency participates in as the requirements vary.  

KERS – Hazardous Petition Tutorial

CERS – Hazardous Petition Tutorial

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