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Division of Employer Reporting, Compliance and Education

The Division of Employer Reporting, Compliance and Education (ERCE) has three teams to support employers based on reporting method:

  • File/Web Team - Supports county employers, local government employers and quasi-employers.

  • KHRIS Team - Supports employers included on the Personnel Cabinet's monthly retirement file.

  • School Board Team - Supports all county and independent school boards.

ERCE established a Quality Assurance and Outreach Team in 2019. This team is responsible for providing employer training resources. This team also assists with internal testing and support required for all employer processes, including those impacted by special business and technology projects.

The File/Web Team, KHRIS Team, and School Board Team can assist employers with questions about reporting, compliance, error resolution, and other agency needs, such as training requests. Please contact your ERCE representative with any questions.

Employer Contribution Record Layout Changes

The Kentucky Public Pensions Authority is making updates to the monthly reporting file employers or their file providers are required to submit to our office. We anticipate that these changes will be complete and ready to implement in Summer 2021. We have updated the Employer Contribution Record Layout Version 2.1 to include these changes, which are outlined in the revision history of the document. A summary of the required modifications follows:

For those employers who report monthly detail information by using Upload Detail File, changes to the file layout to allow for the addition of email addresses are being made and will be implemented in the coming months. The ability to report email addresses via Enter Report Details was added in February 2021. This modification will require your agency to add an additional field to the employer reporting file.

Additionally, KPPA is making changes to allow employers to report both Volunteer and Retired Police Officer Positions via Enter Report Details and Upload Detail File. This is a required change in order to ensure statutory compliance. This modification will require your agency to add two additional position statuses, but does not add fields to the employer reporting file. 

Finally, in order to accommodate our agency name change from Kentucky Retirement Systems to Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, a modification will be required to the file standard naming convention. The monthly detail file will need to adhere to the following standard naming convention: 'ccyymmERCODE.KPPA' or 'ccyymmERCODE.ZIP' (i.e. Employer C123 reporting for August 2021 would name the file 202108C123.KPPA). In order to help facilitate these requested modifications, we will continue to accept files with a .KRS extension for a period of time extending beyond the effective date of our agency name change.    

The Employer Contribution Record Layout Version 2.0 and a sample file including email addresses can be accessed on the Employer Publications page. The current version of the Employer Contribution Record Layout and other supporting documentation are also available on that page. If you need assistance, please contact your ERCE Representative​.

Training Videos

Access our employer videos to learn more about how to use Employer Self Service, pension spiking, invoices, and watch recorded presentations from past training sessions. Go To Videos


Employers must adhere to reemployment guidelines when hiring retirees. ERCE has developed several resources to assist employers with proper reporting and compliance. Learn More

Publications and Forms

ERCE publishes a variety of employer documents providing guidance on monthly reporting as well as employer forms. Visit our Publications and Forms page to learn more.

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