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Employer newsletters are emailed to the Primary Reporting Official for each agency to provide notice of legislative and policy changes, training opportunities and online resources.

Digital Newsletters
5/28/2024Spring 2024 Employer Newsletter
12/7/2023CERS Contribution Rates 2024-25
11/8/2023Fall 2023 Employer Newsletter
7/3/2023School Board End of Year Reports Deadline
5/31/2023Paraprofessional Position Reporting Changes Effective 7/1/2023
4/25/2023Spring 2023 Employer Newsletter
7/14/2022Summer 2022 Employer Newsletter
4/11/2022Executive Orders 2020-265 and 2020-266
12/8/2021CERS Contribution Rates 2023-24
12/8/2021KERS/SPRS Recommended Contribution Rates for FY 2023 and 2024
6/28/2021Summer 2021 Employer Newsletter
4/19/2021Important Information Regarding House Bill 8
2/2/2021February 2021 Employer Newsletter
12/10/2020Winter 2020 Employer Reporting Newsletter
12/9/2020KERS/SPRS Contribution Rates for FY 2022
12/9/2020CERS Contribution Rates for FY 2022
10/21/2020October 2020 Employer Newsletter
10/21/2020Employer Newsletter - Employer Reporting Manual
5/26/20202020-21 KERS/SPRS Contribution Rates
5/26/2020April 2020 Employer Newsletter
5/26/2020Retirement Online
4/7/2020New Executive Order for Reemploying Retired Members
4/3/2020Executive Order 2020-265 reemployment after retirement during COVID 19 state of emergency
12/5/2019KERS and SPRS Contribution Rates
12/5/2019CERS Contribution Rates
10/31/2019End of Year Reporting
8/8/2019Reminder Upcoming Self Service Outage this Weekend
7/30/2019House Bill 1 And System Maintenance
7/25/2019Upcoming Self Service Outages in August
7/23/2019Service Purchase and Payment Option Factor Changes
7/19/2019ERCE - Special Session Notice
7/3/2019School Board End of Year Reports Deadline
6/27/2019Reeployment Changes and Contribution Rates
4/16/2019Legislative Summary, Training, and KRS Mandates
4/10/2019House Bill 358 Vetoed
3/14/2019Employer Self Service
2/15/2019KRS Updates and System Maintenance Notification

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