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The KHRIS team supports Chapter 18A State Agencies, Kentucky State Police, and County Clerks and Sheriff Offices of counties with a population of 70,000 people or greater. KPPA assigns all KHRIS employers a five-digit numeric employer code.

New Reporting Official Information

Employer Checklist for New Reporting Official Set-Up

Employer Administrator – The ESS user in this role has the ability in Employer Self Service to set up a new Reporting Official for the agency, and to inactivate the prior Reporting Official if necessary.  Review the quick guides below for assistance.​

Add ESS User – quick guide
Inactivate ESS User – quick guide

Reporting Official – The employer representative in this role is the first point of contact with KPPA, so it is a very important position within your agency. To make this r​ole a little easier, ERCE is providing you the following training guide and short videos to help you be successful.

New Reporting Official – Quick Guide
New Reporting Official General Information – training video
Monthly Reporting Process – training video
Monthly Reporting Compliance – training video
Retired Reemployed –​ training video

Training Videos

Please visit the Training Videos page for employers for information on invoices, hazardous petitions, Section H completion, pension spiking, and much more.​

Contact the ERCE KHRIS Branch

KHRIS Branch Manager​

Email the KHRIS Team Manager

​​​Call: 502-696-8887

KHRIS Branch​​

Email the Entire KHRIS Team

Call: 1-800-696-8810, option 4​


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