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Erin Surratt


Executive Director, Office of Benefits

Erin Surratt serves as the Executive Director of the Office of Benefits at the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority (KPPA). Ms. Surratt leads the day-to-day administration of retirement benefits for members and beneficiaries under the KPPA-operated plans, which includes managing an annual retiree payroll exceeding $2 billion. She oversees the Divisions of Member Services, Membership Support, Retiree Health Care, Quality Assurance, Retiree Services Payroll, and Disability and Survivor Benefits.

Ms. Surratt graduated with a bachelor's degree in education from the University of Kentucky. Her career at KPPA began in March 2003, marked by significant progressions and roles. She started as a retirement systems counselor, then worked on the START project beginning in 2008, serving as lead on multiple Calculations designs, moving on to become a Business Analyst within the Information Technology division in 2012, and moving into management in Member Services in 2014. In 2015, Ms. Surratt was detailed to a Retirement Program Administrator to oversee a trial plan. This plan shifted business unit testing for technology enhancements, legislative implementation, and special projects from each division in the Office of Benefits to a dedicated group of employees. The successful completion of this project led to a restructure within the Office of Benefits, creating the Division of Quality Assurance, where Ms. Surratt was promoted to Division Director in 2016. In addition to the business unit testing, the Division of Quality Assurance assumed responsibility for all pre- and post-retirement account auditing. In September 2017, she was appointed to her current role as Executive Director, Office of Benefits. Her dedication to KPPA is evident in her over two decades of service, which exhibits her commitment and expertise in the field of public pension administration.​

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